The Memory Project Speakers Bureau

The Memory Project is one of Historica Canada’s most successful educational programs. Founded in 2001, the Memory Project connects veterans and Canadian Forces personnel with students online and in classrooms across the country.  The veterans in The Memory Project represent a wide range of conflicts, including the First World War, Second World War, Korean War, Peacekeeping Operations and modern conflicts. Our volunteer speakers share stories of their service experience and help today’s young people understand the selfless sacrifices Canada’s men and women made and continue to make in war and peacetime. Over one million students have heard the first-hand stories of service and sacrifice from members of The Memory Project Speakers Bureau.


“... the next day, we grouped together after the battle to assess the damages and regrouping was a mistake. A German spotter nearby with wireless directed fire on us. The troop I was in of three tanks, were destroyed. I am the only one alive.”

– Val Rimer, Veteran