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Terry Fox


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The Bluenose is Canada’s most famous sailing ship and the pride of Nova Scotia. The schooner won the International Fisherman's Trophy in 1921 and also held the record for the largest catch of fish brought into Lunenburg. A sculptured profile of the Bluenose has been reproduced on the Canadian dime since 1937.


Having lost his leg to cancer at the age of eighteen, Terry Fox embarked on his Marathon of Hope to raise money for the fight against cancer. For 143 consecutive days, he ran 42 kilometres or the equivalent of a marathon each day. Sadly, Terry had only completed two-thirds of his journey when he died at age twenty-two. Since then, annual Terry Fox Runs have been held across Canada and in over 50 countries. Terry's Marathon of Hope continues, with more than $250 million raised, nearly ten dollars for every Canadian.


In March 1985, wishing to foster awareness of the plight, potential and power of people with disabilities, Rick Hansen began his Man in Motion tour. The Tour covered 40,072 kilometres (the circumference of the earth) through 34 countries on 4 continents in 26 months. Through ongoing funds, programs and organisations, Hansen has so far contributed more than $100 million to spinal cord injury education, research and rehabilitation and to wheelchair sports.


Hamilton, Ontario, native Jack Kent Cooke helped bring about the era of “Showtime” in Los Angeles basketball by signing such greats as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson after he bought the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers. In 1966, Cooke also acquired the Los Angeles Kings, which were a new expansion franchise in the NHL at the time. He built the “fabulous” Great Western Forum in 1968 to house his teams.


By 1974, football had caught Cooke’s eye and so he became majority owner of the Washington Redskins of the NFL. In 1978, he would finally move to the Washington area and, as a result, sold his stake in the Lakers and the Kings the following year for $67.5 million, then, the largest business transaction in sports history.


These Footprints celebrate some ‘all-Canadian’ legends.


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